Thursday, June 11, 2009

the one and maybe the two and the three "WHOCARES" centre

salam to all..since i got pretty much time of 2 weeks holiday,my interest have moved on is certain that blogging is the best medium for us to communicate, express the feelings and criticize something or perhaps in personal..

it is vital to have an internet line at home nowadays so that we can do our works properly, manage our bills by online payment, downloading stuff or may be uploading, chatting, getting a lot of friends in community website and the list goes on....

in this entry i would like to SHARE MY EXPERIENCE regarding to the our "honourable internet provider' and so called streamyx.

i do make so many complaints to our sole (??) national internet provider, streamyx for the on off phone also got no line..when there is no line, no connection for streamyx too.but the bureaucracy always take many procedures and steps we have to go through..dialling 100 is no use because the steps in searching the error is odd and doesn't help..i also always go to the tmnet whocares?? center to tell the matter but still the staffs there ask me to dial 100 to it merely nonsense..after bickering with the staffs, they give me the tm technician phone no. to solve the problem..i hope it will work..then i call....

i don't know whether the tm technicians are well-trained or i want to know what cause my line of the technician said that the line cable have to be replaced with the latest version and that's why it's off..he continued that tm side have to import the new cable from ITALY within 3 months then the further steps will be i feel relieved to hear the same time..the line is off and on..but still get the connection in a very slow pace.

it is almost 1 year since i called the tm technician..i feel so heavy to lift my hand to dial 100 or the technician..i also feel so exhausted to step in the tmnet whocares center to make report..i always pray that someday, our beloved country will have the very smartest internet provider which can give us the fastest connection, the very clearest phone line as well, the very smartest hotline operator,and the very skilled-technicians as well as the staffs...:)

so for the readers who have same problems with me, may be this can help you
1. if your connection is slow, it's okay because the connection speed of all the streamyx packages are same....

2. if ur connection is down, which means off, try to pick up your phone..lift up for a while and try to hear the tone..if there is no tone, put down the phone and try to call your phone no..(in this case, you must use handphone and ask your neighbour to do it)when u call your home, then the line will "come back" and enjoy your doings.

3.if still no connection, try calling until u get it back...

the steps above may be are so bizarre but have a try first...

so last words from me:STREAMYX IS SUX


  1. sux da streamyx!!!!!!!
    wah boley gituh!!!

    ~ yoe

  2. bleh je yoe..nak sx ke, fux ke bleh jer..i dah boSANG dh....hehehee

  3. whocare if streayx is sux? but dont you dare to be one.hihihi

  4. oyeah! no comment bout sucking..
    im just a nice blogger..ahaha..
    have nice day my fren..

  5. suck does not bring negative meaning. suck means to 'be bad' (cambridge dic.) don't miscontrue about the word lang..anyway, i kow you are such a nice blogger....:)