Saturday, June 6, 2009

A morning routine

salam to all...there might be some of us like to continue sleeping after praying subuh..i think that is okay for the people who have been working and need to do i for the certain time...but normally, i won't sleep again after praying and do my stuffs...since healthy is my priority, (not to be snob), i will do exercises like jogging or skipping while listening to the music...
Note:the picture above is not me.......hihi..sometimes, i feel bored when doing exercises without listening to music....and as usual, i listen to the mp3

i am not an expertise in health nor in sport.. but there are some tips that can be shared with....if you want to cut your weight, the suggestion is by doing an aerobic exercise which means you continue the exercise for a long period between 30-45 minutes..e.g: jogging or brisk walking, swimming but if u want to get lean and show up your muscles, you can do anaerobic exercise..which means doing an exercise with very intense in an interval...for example,jogging for 7 minutes, then sprint for 1 minute, then jongging again.the steps must be in interval within 20 minutes only...i got the facts from the internet either..:)

so, what are we waiting for?let's get up and do exercise in the morning which is good for our health.....

me writing this blog after doing jogging and skipping at 7.00 a.m....


  1. i'm the 1st person follow ur blog...

  2. ternganga aku baca blog ko nih.