Friday, June 5, 2009

1st Time Blogging

salam to all...actually i am not so expert in blogging..but when my friends have started it, i feel so adamant and zealous.....;) so for the very 1st entry, i just want to share with u all about the holiday..some of u might feel that holiday is the time that u wait for..but for me,holiday is merely the time that same with the other days before...but still, we do have a little time to rest..i admit it...but too long is too bad....

so for this 2 weeks holiday,nothing special would come into it except attending my friend's it was the time to meet up my friends and chat....besides, there were extra classes which i taught year 6 pupils for the UPSR exam and a duty for a day in school...(as usual).

so how do i want to make my holiday is so meaningful, happy and precious?i do not know it either....


  1. seem like i'm the first person to gv a comment to ur blog!!! ahaks.... i've already linked ur blog to mine...

    ~ yoe

  2. definitely..thank u so much yoe..i have linked your link to mine do the others...feel free to visit mine k!!!

  3. absolutely is so fantastic n boombastic..kabooom!!!