Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Landfill On The Ocean

salam to all..while i was reading the star newspaper, there was an interesting article came to my eyes..it was about water pollution that took place in the pacific ocean..the most surprise is the size of garbage is approximate twice than Texas, the state in the US..so, it is beyond our imaginary, isn't it?the garbage is like a drifting landfill..so called landfill because it is filled up by the piling of plastics.

that 'landfill' is drifting and forms a vast swirl or known as the plastic vortex..so how could this disaster happened?indeed the garbage are being decayed due to many factors such as the sun rays and ocean tides or may be broken down slowly into smaller particles..the thing that become worse is the particles may be eaten by the fish or the other marine life..the particles are definitely contain poisonous substances which came from the plastics..eventually, a lot of toxins have taken place in our body due to the food chain....

so let's imagine what will be going on if we just let the things happen?

sometimes people need to realize their doings especially about handling waste materials...our mentality still not change..just simply toss the garbage into the drain,river and the sea...eventually, we get the effects by eating toxins from the marine life.

so from the article, i have been acknowledged that the scientists and a group of conservationists still find the best way to pull the 'landfill' out of the ocean..no country is responsible to it because no jurisdiction about that..

people do need to refine the effects of the pollution..we have to have clean environment for our future life as well as for our life too..

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